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Check and Send Messages

ProLink+ includes a communication channel so that Agency staff can communicate directly with you, the applicant. If the Agency has turned on messaging for your application, you will see a Messages option in the left navigation panel. From the Messages page, you can read and write messages related to the application.

Check Messages

If the Agency sends a message, you will receive an email.


The Messages menu option in the Homeowner Portal also provides an indication if the application has unread messages.


The Messages page shows the history of messages between you and the Agency. You'll see this message history even if the Agency later turns off messaging for the application.

You can see when messages have been sent and when they have been read.


Send a Message

When messaging is turned on for the application, you can enter a message in the text box and click Send to send the message to the Agency.


If the Agency turns off messaging for the application, you will see the following message instead of the text box.