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Application List (for Multiple Applications Per Homeowner)

If the Agency offers multiple programs, you can apply for the available programs through the Homeowner Portal, one at a time, and you can view the status of all your applications on the top-level application list.


You can also start a new application from the top-level application list. You can apply for an available program as long as you do not have an existing, active application for the program.

Click into an application to access the dashboard for the specific application. From the dashboard, you can return to the list of applications using the link at the top of the left navigation menu.

The status information displayed on the application list depends on if one or more program applications exist:

  • If there is one program application, then the statuses are as follows:

    • Stage 1 (excluding Not Eligible) = In Progress

    • Stage 1 Not Eligible = Not Eligible

    • Stage 2–5 = In Review

    • Stage 6–7 = Approved

    • Stage 8 = Complete

  • If there are multiple program applications, then the statuses are as follows:

    • If all programs are in Stage 1 (excluding Not Eligible) = In Progress

    • If all programs are in Stage 1 Not Eligible = Not Eligible

    • If the highest (non-Stage 8) program is in Stage 2–5 = In Review

    • If the highest (non-Stage 8) program is in Stage 6–7 = Approved

    • If all programs are in Stage 8 = Complete

Application Dashboard


The Dashboard is your default page for the Homeowner Portal and provides high-level information about your application, including:

  • Your Team Members

    • Intake Clerk—Displays the Intake Clerk's contact information, if the application has been assigned one.

    • Counselor—Displays the assigned Counselor's contact information, if the application has been assigned one.

  • Program Information—The dashboard shows information about the program applied for. If the agency has added additional programs to the application, they will also appear on the dashboard in their own sections.

    • Application Information—Displays the Application Number, Program Name & ID, and Submission Date.

    • Completing Your Application—Displays information about what you'll need to provide to submit your application. This section is available until you submit the application.

    • Stage Information—Displays the stage and status for the particular program. If the program application is inactive, the reason is also displayed. The dashboard also provides information about the program stages.

    • Approved Amount—After the application has been approved for assistance and the current Program Stage is in Closing, this section shows the total approved and disbursed amounts.

    • Payment Status—Displays status and details about program payments. This grid becomes available after the application enters the Disbursement Program Stage.

      • Pending—The payment is scheduled but has not been disbursed.

      • Disbursed—The payment has been sent to the servicer or provider.

      • Cancelled—The payment was made erroneously. It may need to be rescheduled.

      • Recycled—The dollars associated with the payment have been returned to the overall program fund and are no longer available to this particular program/application.


Program Stages

  1. Registered—Applicants in the Registered stage have an account profile on the Homeowner Portal, but have not yet submitted an application. During this stage applicants select a program to which they would like to apply, answer the pre-qualification questions, and fill out required application details. Pre-qualification and successful submission of an application by the applicant will move the application to Stage 2 – Submitted.

  2. Submitted—Applications in the Submitted stage have been successfully submitted to the Agency for review and are waiting their turn to be processed. All basic application details have been submitted, but additional supporting documentation for the application may need to be uploaded by the applicant. Applications will move to Stage 3 – Qualification once they have reached the front of the queue. During this stage applicants may upload supporting documentation requested in the portal.

  3. Qualification—Applications in the Qualification stage have been picked up for initial review and qualification. During this stage the application will be reviewed for completeness and correctness. The program selected for assistance will be reviewed to ensure that it is the best fit for the applicant's needs and the program's benefits. During this stage applicants will finish uploading all necessary documentation. Applications will move to Stage 4 – Underwriting when all required application materials have been received and the application is picked up by the underwriting team.

  4. Underwriting—Applications in the Underwriting stage have submitted all required documentation and are being reviewed by specialists to determine whether the application meets program requirements and can be approved. Underwriters will schedule benefit payments for approved applications. Applicants do not need to take any steps at this stage unless requested. Applications will move to Stage 5 – Closing after the underwriting process is complete.

  5. Closing—Applications in the Closing stage have been approved for benefits and are waiting for the completion of any final legal documentation or reviews. This may include a formal closing process. Applications will move to Stage 6 – Disbursement after the closing process has been completed.

  6. Disbursement—Applications in the Disbursement stage are receiving benefits. Payments scheduled at the beginning of this stage will be sent over the course of the benefit period as long as the applicant continues to meet program requirements. After assistance has completed for an applicant, the application moves to Stage 7 – Monitoring.

  7. Monitoring—Applications in the Monitoring staged are being reviewed for ongoing compliance with program requirements that follow the period in which benefits are paid. After all monitoring requirements have been met, the application will move to Stage 8 – Completed.

  8. Completed—Applications in the Completed stage have completed their benefit payments and have met longer-term compliance monitoring requirements. These applications are considered completed and closed.